Category: nginx

  • Checking whether nginx cache is working

    Just set up nginx caching and wondering whether it’s working properly? You can check it pretty easily:   curl -I That should return a bunch of information, but the important bit is: X-Proxy-Cache: MISS   Well, in this case it’s not working. If it’s working you’ll see a HIT there.

  • Upload error 413 “Request Entity Too Large” on Nginx

    When trying to upload files to a Drupal installation running on nginx, we got a 413 error: Request Entity too large.   We had gone through and updated the php files with regard to max upload file size limits, but had neglected to do the same to the nginx config file (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf on Debian). We…

  • Securing Dokuwiki with nginx

    After migrating a server from Apache2.4 to nginx a Dokuwiki install was complaining about the following on the admin page:   Previously .htaccess files were controlling access, which aren’t used by nginx. You can test your Dokuwiki install’s access by attempting to visit the following url:   If you can see any content…