Get yourself a UPS…

We had a lightning storm rcently; this was the view from our perspective:



We also got a call about a customer’s computer that was no longer working, along with most of the connected peripherals. This wasn’t a coincidence…


An uninterruptible power supply is a device which stores electricity in batteries and, when the power goes out, kicks the electricity supply across from mains to the batteries without missing a beat. Some better UPS models will also condition the power that comes through, compensating for brownouts or oversupply. Depending on the capacity of the UPS and the load of the devices attached to it you may end up with anything from minutes to hours of power supply; a small UPS will give you enough time to turn the devices off normally and some come with software to automate this process.


A larger UPS may be able to give you enough run-time to outlast the power blackout – this could be very valuable if you run very long processes that can’t be interrupted without data loss. Uninterruptible power supplies generally also provide surge protection., and the higher-end models isolate the power supplied to your systems from the mains power as much as possible – meaning that you have a much better chance of reducing or avoiding entirely the damage caused by power surges.


A basic UPS costs around $100, and for the protection they provide they’re a worthy investment. Protect your expensive electronic hardware today – drop us a line and we can set you up with a model that suits your needs.