How to install the NFS client packages on Fedora 20 and automatically mount NFS shares


We were asked how to set up a Fedora 20 virtual machine to access folders on an already-set-up Ubuntu Server machine using NFS. A folder has been created on the Fedora VM to mount the NFS share to (/opt/documents in this case). First we install the relevant packages on Fedora:


sudo yum install nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib


Examine the package list, and if nothing looks awry hit Y to install. Now edit your fstab and add this line to the bottom to automount the shares:


[ip.of.nfs.server]:[absolute-path-to-share] [absolute-path-to-fedora-mount-point] nfs auto 0 0


e.g., in this example: /opt/documents nfs auto 0 0


To break this down: the static IP address of the NFS server is, the path on the Ubuntu machine to the share is /tank/documents, and the created directory to mount the NFS share to is /opt/documents on the Fedora VM. To mount everything in fstab, run:


mount -a


Then navigate to the /opt/documents directory and check that you can read/write onto the NFS share correctly. Reboot the server to make sure everything works OK and you should be done!