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  • Asus DSL-AC68U Dual Band AC-1900 modem router review – Part 01

    Asus DSL-AC68U Dual Band AC-1900 modem router review – Part 01

    Welcome to Part 01 of our Asus DSL-AC68U modem router review! This is Asus’ latest effort and it sports a pretty impressive spec sheet;   Wireless router + ADSL modem Dual CPUs to assist with range and stability USB 3.0 port – printer sharing, file sharing, 3G/4G internet dongle Asus AiCloud – Asus’ home cloud…

  • Asus ASMB7-iKVM IPMI card review coming soon!

    Asus ASMB7-iKVM IPMI card review coming soon!

      We finally have an ASMB7-iKVM card in-house for the new Haswell server boards:   Expect a review soon!

  • How to install an Asus PIKE 2008 card

      As a non-standard PCI-Express card, the Asus PIKE card involves a slightly different installation procedure.     The PIKE slot sits on either side of a gap in the motherboard:     You’re definitely not going to mistake it for a regular PCI-Express slot. The card only goes in one way, with the heatsink…

  • Asus PIKE 2008 card review

    Asus PIKE 2008 card review

      Many storage enthusiasts are familiar with the IBM M1015 card, an IBM rebadge of the LSI 9220-8i host bus adapter (HBA), based on LSI’s SAS2008 chipset. Less are familiar with Asus’ PIKE card – essentially the same thing in Asus’ own form factor, fitting only their proprietary PIKE slots.     This card activates…

  • Asus P9D-E/4L – Clearance between PIKE and PCI slots

      One potential caveat of utilising the PIKE slot is that there is minimal clearance between the PIKE card heatsink and the nearest PCI slot; once the card is installed;     Mere millimeters! A top view:     This poses two problems. Firstly, not many PCI cards have low enough clearance to actually fit!…

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      With the recent release of Intel’s Haswell architecture came new server boards to match. From Asus came the new P9D line, and within that line the Asus P9D-E4/L is the flagship model with quite a comprehensive list of features.    

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      We have finally got one of these cards in-house for testing;   We’re particularly interested in how it compares to cards like the M1015 in IT mode as an inexpensive way of adding 8 SAS/SATA ports to a storage server. Expect a post soon reporting on what we find! You can buy the Asus…

  • Asus motherboard BIOS update error: CAP file not recognised EFI bios!

      If you see the above error – and you’re selecting what you’re sure is the proper CAP file – chances are you’re trying to use a USB disk formatted to NTFS rather than FAT32. Frustratingly, the error message for a corrupt/non-CAP file is the same as the error message you get when you’re trying…

  • Error Code 60 on an Asus Z9PE-D16

      Today a customer’s Asus Z9PE-D16 wouldn’t boot and displayed the debug code 60 – in this case the problem was that the RAM sticks (8 total, 4 for each CPU) were in the black slots rather than the blue slots. Swapping them across resulted in a boot straight away.   Hope that helps someone!

  • Customer Build: Luna II

        Here’s a few shots of one of our recent storage server builds: