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  • Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite default login and password

      Oh, and as a follow-up to yesterday – the default login and password for a Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite is:   ubnt ubnt   Hope that helps – I know I’m guilty of a quick google for the login rather than opening a manual!

  • Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite default IP address

      I know someone is going to ask me this in the future so I’m making this post now – the default IP address for the Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite is:   For those of us who use 10.1.1.x etc. you’ll have to put a computer onto the 192.168.1.x range temporarily to change…

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Review: Part 1

      The EdgeRouter Lite is Ubiquiti’s latest router with some pretty high-end features at an entry-level price. The tagline is “The world’s first sub-$100, one million-packets-per-second router” – US dollars, of course. It retails for around $140 Australian.     The first part of the review is going to focus on the actual unit itself,…