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  • Intel SSD 330 120GB benchmarks

        As promised, here are some benchmarks of Intel’s SSD: An average of 390MB/s for sequential reads? Nice. IOPS: HD Tune Pro’s File Transfer test: Hovering around 500MB/s there – impressive. Last benchmark for now: Overall this is a well performing drive and is the only Sandforce-controller-based drive that we currently use.

  • Intel SSD 330 benchmarks coming soon…

      We finally got around to starting our benchmarks for Intel’s 330 SSD – will post them once we’ve tested it across another system to get some averages. Check back soon!  

  • Checking SSD health with ESXi 5.1

    A new feature with ESXi 5.1 is the ability to check SSD health from the command line. Once you have SSH’d into the ESXi box, you can check the drive health with the following command:   esxcli storage core device smart get -d [drive]   …where [drive] takes the format of: t10.ATA?????????. You can find…