Folding@Home: How to check your progress

Once you start folding you will want to check on your contribution and see how you’re faring compared to other volunteers – one of the most popular ways of checking your stats is through the Extreme Overclocking website:


On the left-hand side you can see a name search field; put your username in there and you will see all of the username results which match. This can be a bit of an issue if you have a common username (e.g. Bob) – doing a case-sensitive search might help a bit there. Once you find your username you can save the URL as it’s unique; for ours, see:


If you click on your username at the top you’ll see your ranking within your team. The rest of the information is easily accessible – you can see your daily and weekly stats in the bar up the top and below that your top 5 conquests and threats. Below that again are graphs showing your future production estimates, past production and a list of your points from the past few months, weeks and days.


The listings are updated every 3 hours, so bookmark the page and check regularly!