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  • Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Geekbench

    Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Geekbench

      This is one of our favourite benchmarks for Ubuntu Server – it’s cross-platform, meaning that it can be ran on Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server and more. You can get the download link from the following site:   http://www.primatelabs.com/geekbench/download/linux/   Currently this works:   wget http://d34wv75roto0rl.cloudfront.net/Geekbench-2.4.2-Linux.tar.gz   Unzip:   gunzip Geekbench-2.4.2-Linux.tar.gz…

  • Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Phoronix Test Suite

    Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Phoronix Test Suite

      The Phoronix Test Suite is another option when it comes to benchmarking your Ubuntu Server – this one doesn’t work out-of-the-box and requires you to choose the types of benchmarks you wish to run and install them either individually or as suites of benchmarks. You can download it at the following link currently:  …

  • Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Hardinfo

    Ubuntu Server Benchmarks: Hardinfo

      Hardinfo is one of the command-line benchmarks available for Ubuntu Server – it does have graphical features so it will also be useful for Ubuntu Desktop users, but for the purpose of this piece we will assume you’re at a terminal. It not only runs benchmarks like Blowfish but also shows you a great…