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  • New: RSS feed!

      We have added an RSS feed for our articles – you can now get our new posts in your email or RSS feed app! On the right-hand side under the tag cloud you can enter your email, or enter the following url into your RSS reader:   Enjoy!

  • Traceroute easter egg

      Here’s another oldie but a goodie:   tracert -h 66     The above is for Windows command line – the “h” flag is to see all 66 hops necessary to get the full effect! Enjoy 😉

  • Telnet easter egg

      For those that haven’t seen this before, someone reminded me of this the other day:   telnet   Enjoy 😉

  • How to remove/delete old or unused kernels in Ubuntu

    How to remove/delete old or unused kernels in Ubuntu

      If you have upgraded your kernel you will have found that Ubuntu keeps the older ones around, which can be handy if something breaks in the newer kernel and you have to boot from your old system. Over time, however, these can add up in terms of the amount of space consumed – at…

  • Y2K memories…

    Found this little gem when going through some old gear a few weeks ago; Hard to believe it was only 13 years ago – feels like much more. Oh the memories… Happy New Year everyone.

  • Enabling SSH on ESXi 5.0

    Enabling SSH is handy if you want to remotely access the back-end of your system; it can also be really handy for moving files around and transferring data to and from Linux systems or VMs securely and quickly. There are security risks with doing this; if anyone logs in to the root account of your…


    If you have found one of your datastores is greyed out/inactive one solution is to unmount it and add it again; sometimes ESXi won’t let you do this, giving the following error message: “Error: The resources ‘’ is in use. Error stack: Call “HostDatastoreSystem.RemoveDatastore” for object “ha-datastoresystem” on ESXi “ip.of.your.esxi” failed.   The fix is…

  • dating wrexham

    One of the most asked-about combinations we’ve done recently has been putting a H100 into a storage chassis; so long as your motherboard isn’t too large (e.g. SSI EEB or equivalent) it’s quite easy to do.    

  • Asus Z9PE-D16 Review: Part Two

    Here is the follow-up to our initial review of the Asus Z9PE-D16 motherboard!    

  • Is there any difference between a CPU assembled in Malay and one from Costa Rica?

    On the top of any modern Intel CPU you will see the country of assembly printed, and it will be either Malay or Costa Rica. Back in the day this could mean the difference between a chip with excellent overclocking potential and a dud; how about now?     In a nutshell, no more difference…