How to reset a ProCurve 2510-24g to default settings

Here’s one someone asked me today – it’s reasonably straight-forward, though not necessarily obvious:


  • Press in both the Clear and Reset buttons (tiny buttons on the left edge)
  • Release the Reset button after the port lights come on (~2 seconds)
  • When the Self-Test LED starts flashing (to the left of the Clear and Reset buttons), release the Clear button.


This resets the switch to the factory default settings, including the IP address. By default this switch uses DHCP for its IP if available; try checking your router’s DHCP client list after the switch boots if you’re having trouble finding it.


These switches are popping up in the hands of enthusiasts more regularly now that they’re quite cheap to come by; they can be quite handy for hooking up a large number of devices which don’t require a gigabit connection (printers, UPS’, modems, IP cameras etc.) – 24 100Mb ports and two gigabit ports in a fanless, rack-mountable chassis can be quite handy.