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  • Scythe 92mm S-Flex SFF92B fans

    We’ve been trying to find a 92mm fan we’re happy with for a little while; this is the latest contender, the Scythe 92mm S-Flex. Featuring a Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearing, it’s supposed to be quiet and efficient – we’re trialling it on some of our 4U CPU coolers to see how it fares in terms…

  • Corsair SP120 Overview/Review

    Corsair’s new lines of fan are divided into AF – for airflow in open-air setups – and SP, or static pressure-oriented fans, more designed for placement adjacent to radiators or other areas where airflow is tight. The fans we’re looking at today are the 120mm SP range:  

  • Proper mounting of Corsair AF120 or SP120 coloured rings

      Can’t get your coloured ring to sit properly on your new Corsair fan? You’re not alone – we’ve had a few customers find it difficult getting their rings to sit correctly in the fans.  

  • Corsair SP120 fans

    We have a handful of the new Corsair fans in for testing – initial results look promising.     The SP line are optimised for static pressure, which means they’re ideal for use on cooling radiators or other places where there is restricted airflow, like storage chassis’ or behind narrow grilles. This is in contrast…

  • Bitfenix Spectre Pro fans

    We’re testing these at the moment for our builds which have LED fans in them… while we haven’t finished the performance testing they’re not bad as eye candy in the meanwhile!